About the awards

The Digital Impact Awards is the UK’s largest celebration of digital work in corporate communications.

Last year, we had an interesting year for digital communications professionals. Digital communications is a field where the construct of boundaries is about segmentation rather than borders; where, effectively, geography has become history and where creative and strategic excellence is often stretched as a consequence of sharing experiences from different cultures rather than pooling the shared experience of a common one.

Yet we know that change is coming and we are supposed to blithely accept it. To those who own your own digital agencies or run agencies that are owned by larger companies, we at Communicate magazine and the Digital Impact Awards salute you. British design and communication firms are held in esteem throughout the world. For you, collaboration is a natural ability, not an annual tickbox exercise.

2016 was one of the most competitive of years in the history of the awards programme and we anticipate 2017 to be the same.

We look forward to welcoming entries from all across the region and hope to see you at the awards ceremony in October.

- Andrew Thomas

publishing editor, Communicate magazine