16 days Until we launch the 2019 awards

About the awards

The Digital Impact Awards is the UK’s largest celebration of digital work in corporate communications.

Since we launched the Digital Impact Awards in 2010, the digital communications landscape has changed dramatically. In 2010, Communicate magazine was writing about the slow uptake of social media, the challenges posed by technological development and the introduction of corporate apps.

Winners in this year’s Digital Impact Awards prove that digital has reached maturity. Each of the 2017 premier winners exemplifies that fact. Northern Rail showed that an app designed to sell train tickets can also be a game that people want to download. Omobono’s work across several brands showed the integration of digital into the B2B communications toolkit. And Gatwick Airport proved that digital can truly revolutionise service and operations at a large, complex organisation.

It has been a joy to see communicators improve their digital strategies and enhance their capabilities because of digital communications over the years.

We look forward to welcoming entries from all across the European region and hope to see you at the awards ceremony in October.

- Brittany Golob

Editor, Communicate magazine