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  • Best corporate website This award is for websites that communicate successfully with various stakeholders and have outstanding functionality. Where possible include before and after images that illustrate the development of the website.
  • Best corporate app This award rewards trailblazing apps in digital communications. The best corporate apps are rarely mobile-optimised versions of the main website but have content-driven designs that best cater to the mobile platform.
  • Best use of SEO for corporate communications This award is for organisations whose visibility is both prominent and frequent in search results. The strongest entries should feature a clear, strategic approach to search engine optimisation.
  • Best use of mobile and portable devices This award recognises the campaigns that most effectively employ mobile-first and device-led tactics. Those that excel in this category have an integrated approach to mobile and have recorded successes through those campaigns.
  • Best use of digital to aid a CSR campaign This award recognises those companies or organisations that best integrate a digital strategy into a CSR, partnership, charity or sponsorship programme. Outstanding work in this area often reflects innovative uses of mobile, online and social media tools.
  • Best digital rebrand This award is for the most innovative rebrand of a digital property. Entries should include before and after images that illustrate the evolution of the brand across an organisation’s digital and online assets.
  • Best use of online video This award seeks organisations that use corporate video in a creative or innovative way to achieve their/their client’s goals. Excellent work in video will reflect a creative use of content to further an organisation’s messaging.
  • Best corporate viral campaign This award honours those campaigns whose content is inherently shareable, engaging and that best achieves an organisation’s objectives or enhances its communications. Those entries delineating a clear strategy and results are often successful.
  • Best digital communication as part of an integrated campaign This award is for entries that lead the way in incorporating digital communications into both an online and offline communications campaign. 
  • Best use of artificial intelligence This award recognises those companies that put artificial intelligence to use in digital communications. Judges will look for strategic foundations behind the project and creativity in the application of this technology. 
  • Best use of data This award recognises excellence in the use of data for the measurement, analysis and creative execution of digital campaigns. Entries can focus on data-driven projects, the use of data for measurement purposes or campaigns supported through insights from data. 
  • Best use of augmented reality or virtual reality This category recognises and rewards those organisations who have used virtual or augmented reality techniques or tools to engage or communicate with various corporate audiences. 
  • Best innovation This category recognises and rewards those organisations who have shown particular ingenuity and creativity in responding to challenges or reaching objectives in innovative ways. 

Social media

  • Best use of existing social media platforms This award seeks organisations that use existing social media platforms in a creative or innovative way to achieve their client’s goals. Outstanding work in this area stems from social media campaigns that demonstrate a clear ROI.
    • Small budget - <£20k
    • Medium budget - £20k-£75k
    • Large budget - £75K+
  • Best development of proprietary social media platform and tools This award is for those organisations that best use their own proprietary platforms to best communicate to their stakeholders. Innovation, strategy and creativity are key elements of entries to this category.
  • Best community development This award is for entries that have built up an engaged digital community. This category recognises community management, creativity and shareability of content as well as the community’s relevance to the organisation’s overall comms objectives.

Best use of digital to an internal audience

  • Best intranet This award recognises the cruciality of a company’s need to inform its internal audience quickly and efficiently. Outstanding work in this area reflects both well-developed proprietary and innovative usage of existing platforms.
  • Best digital employee communication This award is for the best use of digital when communicating to the internal audience. This includes the use videos, websites, intranets or apps. The best entries demonstrate the challenges faced when addressing internal teams at different levels.

Best use of digital to an investment audience

  • Best online annual report This award is for the organisations that take the annual report to the next level, using advanced technology to communicate its content with its audience. Stronger entries should illustrate how the annual report has developed since its previous year.

Best use of digital to aid media relations

  • Best online newsroom This award recognises organisations that successfully make their news easy to access, share and view, for press, investors and other stakeholders. Submissions should include information about the navigation and engagement elements of the newsroom i.e. use of video, downloadable documents, etc.


  • Best evaluation strategy This award celebrates the campaigns that best exemplify their successes, obstacles or effectiveness through measurable data. The strongest entries feature proprietary evaluation systems, an effective use of existing systems or solid analysis of metrics.

Best use of digital by sector. This award is for all round excellence and aspects in the work that demonstrates participation in their sector. The best entries should provide evidence of how the project/ campaign stands out from its sector peers.

  • Charity, NGO or NFP
  • Education
  • Energy and utilities
  • Engineering and manufacturing
  • Extraction (oil, gas and mining)
  • Farming and agriculture
  • Financial services
  • FMCG 
  • Food and beverage
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals
  • Industrial and basic materials 
  • Professional services
  • Property, construction and facilities management
  • Public
  • Retail
  • Sports, travel, leisure and tourism
  • Technology, media and telecommunications
  • Transport and logistics

 Please note the below categories cannot be entered directly. 

  • Digital campaign of the year This award is for overall excellence in digital communications. You cannot enter this directly; all entries will be automatically put forward for this award.
  • Digital agency of the year This award is for agencies who lead the way in digital communications and reflect the outstanding use of digital. You cannot enter this directly; all entering agencies will be automatically put forward for this award.
  • Digital in-house team of the year This award is for an in-house team who lead the way in digital communications and reflect the outstanding use of digital. You cannot enter this directly; all in-house submissions will be automatically put forward for this award.


Best Digital Communications During COVID-19

Communicate magazine and the PRCA have announced a new joint award, the 'Best Digital Communications During COVID-19', to be held at their combined awards evening. The 'Best Digital Communications During COVID-19' category will recognise the challenges that companies have faced during the Coronavirus pandemic and will acknowledge those organisations that have overcome the obstacles of the global pandemic and excelled in their use of digital communications to engage with their corporate audiences.

There will be no charge to enter the new 'Best Digital Communications During COVID-19' category, and for those organisations whose work reaches the shortlist, there will be no cost to attend. Read the full press release hereDeadline to enter this category is 1 October 2020.

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NB: You may enter multiple projects into multiple categories but we recommend you tailor your submissions for each category.