It is a pleasure to have each of our sponsors on board for the 2020 Digital Impact Awards. Click their logos below for more information on the areas they specialise in and how you can work together. We have a number of sponsorship options available to you, to align your brand with this annual celebration for the digital communications community. Call us to find out more. Andrew Thomas email: andrew.thomas@communicatemagazine.co.uk call: +44 (0)20 3950 5356


Carta Communications

An explosion of innovative tools, platforms, and third party services is transforming the PR industry. Carta Communications helps these suppliers to differentiate, grow, and improve their sales performance, because no one understands PR consultancies better than us.
Carta has unrivalled experience of working in the PR industry, a legendary contacts book, and journalistic flair that gets our clients outstanding media coverage.

Sponsor Comprend Colour



Comprend is a digital corporate communications agency with offices in London and Stockholm, and partners in Milan and Lisbon.

They're proud to have some of the very best digital consultants around, helping their clients to communicate better and engage more with their stakeholders in digital channels. Focusing entirely on the world of digital corporate communications means that Comprend can keep you one step ahead.




TINT provides marketers with an infinite stream of curated content to drive higher brand awareness, engagement and revenue.