It is a pleasure to have each of our sponsors on board for the 2019 Digital Impact Awards. Click their logos below for more information on the areas they specialise in and how you can work together. We have a number of sponsorship options available to you, to align your brand with this annual celebration for the internal communications community. Call us to find out more. Stephanie Adams Head of creative partnerships, Communicate magazine email: stephanie.adams@communicatemagazine.co.uk call: +44 (0)20 3950 5356

Sponsor Comprend Colour



Comprend is a digital corporate communications agency with offices in London and Stockholm, and partners in Milan and Lisbon.

They're proud to have some of the very best digital consultants around, helping their clients to communicate better and engage more with their stakeholders in digital channels. Focusing entirely on the world of digital corporate communications means that Comprend can keep you one step ahead.

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TAE19_0026_Creative Equals .png.jpg

Creative Equals


Creative Equals is an award-winning organisation championing diversity and inclusion in the creative industries. In 2017, we launched the Creative, Digital + Media Equality Standards as a kite mark accreditation to give individual companies a D&I review, rating and, most importantly, a road map.

Many businesses understand their ‘why’, but this gives them their ‘how’ with a measurable, actionable framework across three pillars: ‘Culture’, ‘People’ and ‘Equality’, spanning all aspects of diversity (BAME, gender, neurodiversity, ability, LBGTQ, age and more).

Additionally, we have set up Creative Equals Certified, an accreditation for the recruitment sector, plus Creative Equals Voices to work with industry organisations and bodies to shape diverse juries and speaker line ups.

Aside from working with businesses to help them move forwards, our ‘north star’ is to double the number of women in leadership roles over the next 24 months, as just 12% of creative directors in the UK are women.


Rocksalt Copy Creatives


Rocksalt Copy Creatives is a creative team of journalists, copywriters and digital marketers delivering fresh and engaging content for the web, digital and more. Digital agencies, corporate communications and PR professionals, TV stations, fledgling businesses and leading blue chip companies are just some of the sectors they've worked with. Whether you’re a small business looking for a copywriter, or a larger organisation requiring a full content provision service, Rocksalt are here to help.




TINT provides marketers with an infinite stream of curated content to drive higher brand awareness, engagement and revenue.